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What is a Crime of Moral Turpitude

Not all crimes are created equal. Even within certain classification levels (i.e. Class A, Class B, etc.) there are crimes which burn off the page of a criminal record. While it is wise to fight to keep just about any offense off your record, none are more important than those considered “crimes of moral turpitude.” […]

Accomplice Testimony and How it Can Impact Your Case

There’s an old adage that “with friends like that, who needs enemies?” This is never more true that in a situation where you find yourself accused of a crime that you may have committed with your friend or other accomplice.  Sure, you may have just been along for the ride, or were feeling peer pressure […]

Supreme Court Limits Warrantless Blood Draws

Last week the United States Supreme Court ruled on the issue of warrantless blood draws in the case of Missouri v. McNeely. The Court’s opinion looks to severely restrict what has become a somewhat common practice in Texas and particularly in Collin County—taking a person’s blood without consent or warrant. Some people may wonder how […]

Collin County Felony Statistics for 2012

Here are the 2012 felony statistics for Collin County, Texas  issued by the Collin County District Clerk’s Office. The District Clerks and District Courts have jurisdiction to handle felonies. Collin-County-Felony-Crime-Statistics-2012 As you can see, 3,001 new cases were indicted in 2012. It should be noted the statistics do not include Grand Jury No-Bills. These are […]

Buzzed Driving Actually Isn’t Drunk Driving

You may notice a new ad campaign sponsored by NHTSA (the “National Highway Transportation Safety Administration”) and the ad council telling people “buzzed driving is drunk driving.” Though I’m not unsympathetic to pleas for driver discretion and safety, this is not the law in the State of Texas. Texas Penal Code Section 49.01(2)(A) defines intoxication […]

Is Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent Presumed Innocent: The Trouble With High Profile DWI Cases

The story is almost a week old now, and for the news media it is an open and shut case: Cowboy nose tackle kills best friend and fellow teammate in a drunk-driving accident. With public opinion, the desire to spread condemnation seems to impair the ability to reject or even explore the basis of the […]

Turkey Trot Out of Jail This Thanksgiving – How a Writ Bond Can Help You

For most of us, Thanksgiving means spending time with family, eating too much turkey and pie, and watching some football on t.v.  But when family and friends come together, there may inevitably be some frustrations and confrontations that may lead to legal consequences.  For some, a choice may be made to drink a bit too […]

Getting a Theft Arrest Off Your Record

Few things look as bad on your record as an arrest for theft. They’re statistically proven to cost you income over your lifetime, be denied professional licenses, and even suffer the humiliation of being denied the right to serve on a jury. When it comes to repairing your criminal record there are several ways to […]

The Role of Constitutional Rights in Criminal Investigation

In our system of justice, criminal laws prescribe punishment to deter people from a particular form of conduct. People generally understand how this works: police and private investigators work on violations of crime and prosecutors seek a punishment which is delivered by a judge or jury. What is not well-known is how our Constitutional rights […]

Defending Yourself with Self-Defense

In many assaultive-type cases, our clients will tell us that they were only reacting to and defending themselves against someone else’s attack.  This may often be the case, but proving self-defense requires more than just throwing up your hands, like in football as the universal sign of “not touching!”, or saying “I didn’t do it!” […]