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Texas Criminal Laws That Took Effect in 2015

This past summer, the 84th Texas Legislature put a number of new criminal laws on the books that took effect in September of 2015. In fact, Texas will see more than 1,200 new laws this year that may have an effect on criminal cases throughout the state. Although many of these new laws are quite […]

What To Do When CPS Shows Up At Your Door?

Child abuse is a serious accusation and a serious crime. However, in this day and age, child abuse accusations are sadly made more often than they should be, sometimes as weapons in a nasty divorce or custody case. If you haven’t yet learn how to file for divorce. Whatever the reason, if Child Protective Services […]

What Happens at a Juvenile Detention Hearing?

If your child has been arrested, you have probably been informed that he or she will be having a “juvenile detention hearing.”  If your child was arrested in Collin County this hearing will probably be held at the John R Roach Detention Center.  Under Chapter 54 of the Texas Family Code, your child is entitled […]

Sealing Juvenile Records

What is “sealing” a juvenile record? Under Texas Family Code Chapter 58, sealing your juvenile record releases you from the requirement that you disclose your involvement in your juvenile proceedings to any employer, state licensing, or anyone else. What happens if my record is not sealed? If you do not have your record sealed anyone […]

Sanction Levels for Juvenile Offenders

When your child gets arrested, you may hear about different “sanction levels.”  That is because the State of Texas has made an effort to make sure juveniles face consequences that are uniform across the state.  Judges are given a lot of “wiggle room” in determining punishment for different offenses, but these sanction levels provide a […]

Will My Child Be Tried as an Adult?

Oftentimes we hear about cases where a juvenile will be “tried as an adult.”  What does that mean?  It means that the juvenile court, which would otherwise have had jurisdiction in the child’s case, waives its jurisdiction and transfers the case to an adult district court, where the child is treated as an adult.  Juveniles […]

What Do I Tell My Boss After an Arrest?

This is a very common question. We aren’t employment lawyers, but I think we can help. Unfortunately there isn’t a one-sized fit-all answer because every job is different. What I can say is Texas is an “at-will” state meaning in most cases an employer can terminate you for a good reason, for a bad reason, […]

Differences Between the Juvenile Justice System and the Adult Criminal Justice System

You often hear about people being in the juvenile criminal justice system, and you may wonder “what exactly is the difference between the adult criminal justice system and the system that deals with juveniles?”  There are several things about the juvenile system that differ from the adult system because of the age(s) of the accused.  […]

What Happens on Juvenile Probation?

Juvenile cases often end in some type of probation, so if your child is going through the juvenile criminal justice system, it is worth taking the time to learn what can be required as a condition of juvenile probation. If your child is considering resolving the case in a way that involves probation, the court […]

What Is Deferred Prosecution for Juveniles?

One very common outcome in juvenile cases is what is called “deferred prosecution” governed by Texas Family Code 53.03.  Deferred prosecution essentially dismisses the charges in exchange for serving probation.  When entering a deferred prosecution deal with the prosecutors, the juvenile doesn’t even have to admit guilt.  The case against the juvenile is paused while […]