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What Should I Do Now That My Child Has Been Arrested or Detained?

Once your child is in the criminal justice system, it is only natural that you would have questions about what to do next.  First of all, it is important to know what information you are entitled to.  Well-intentioned law enforcement officers will invariably share facts of the case with you – and you shouldn’t be […]

Does My Child’s School Need to Know About My Child’s Arrest?

Often one of the first concerns of a parent whose child is facing a criminal juvenile situation is “do I have to tell their school about this situation?”  There is no legal requirement that you disclose your child’s situation to their school.  In fact, generally the fewer people you and your child talk to about […]

I’ve Been Arrested, Now What?

“I’ve been arrested, so what happens next?” I hear this question quite a bit in my practice. And it’s a good one. In life, one of the greatest fears is the fear of the unknown–and at no time is this more true than after an arrest and a night or two in jail. Following an […]